My Library Account

Library Cards:

You can sign up for a Cole Public Library card either in person at the library or online. To request a library card online, fill out this request form. Once we create your library account, we will email you your card number so you can begin using our online resources.  We will then mail your card to the address on your account.

If you already have a Cole Library account but have lost your library card, contact Director Cathy Boggs at or (319) 895-4262 to request a new one.

Access your Library Account

First time users:
In order to access the system for the first time, or if you have forgotten your password, first click the “set/rest password” link below the blue “Sign In” button. Enter your username, which is the number on the back of your library card, and the system will send an email to whichever email account you have on file with us. You should get an email within an hour (most likely much less than an hour) with instructions for creating or updating a password for your library account.

If you do not have an email associated with your library account, or if the password reset email takes longer than 1 hour to appear in your inbox, please call (319-895-4271) or email the library ( to add or update your email address.

Returning users:
Remember that your username is your library card number and your password is one that you have set up previously. If you have forgotten your password, please follow the instructions for first time users!

Interlibrary Loan:
You can access and manage your interlibrary loan requests through your online library account.  To request a book or other material, follow the steps listed here.

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