Search Tips


The easiest way to search is to simply type what you are searching for in the basic search box.

  • You can enclose your search in double quote marks to indicate that your terms are part of a phrase.
    • For example, searching for “Lincoln gives speech” would search only for pages containing those words in that order, and not pages which contain those words in a different order, such as: “…gives a speech. Lincoln is a great…”.
    • This is the best way to search for a person or obituary, for example: searching for “John Smith” will search for pages containing the words John and Smith together.
  • You can use the all-capital term OR to indicate that you want results containing at least one of your search terms.
    • Abraham OR Lincoln will return any page with either Abraham or Lincoln.
    • At this time, no other Boolean operators are functional (AND, NOT, etc). We are working to make these improvements.


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