PodClub: Cole Library’s Podcast Club

Like a book group for your ears, PodClub connects people to and through podcasts.  Each month members will listen to a selection of episodes from a new podcast and then meet to share and discuss.  PodClub meets the second Monday over every month, from 7:30-8:30, in room 310.

Next meeting: Monday, November 13

PodClub is currently listening to Lore, produced by Aaron Mahnke.

Winner of the iTunes “Best of 2015” & “Best of 2016” Awards and Podcast Academy’s “Best History Podcast 2016,” Lore is a podcast about true life scary stories. Our fears have roots. Lore exposes the darker side of history, exploring the creatures, people, and places of our wildest nightmares. Because sometimes the truth is more frightening than fiction.

PodClub members should listen to these episodes:

Episode #15: Unboxed
People can be a bit possessive. We love our things, and we cling tightly to them. But what happens when the things we own refuse to let go of us?

Episode #23: Rope and Railing
There are places in the world that we rarely see. Our busy lives never take us there, and as a result, they don’t come to mind when we think of chilling tales and frightening lore. But they exist, and despite their inherent light, they too hold a deep darkness.

Episode #27: On the Farm
Safety is a basic human need, and we build a lot of our life around achieving it. This is nothing new, really; humans have always sought safety in a dangerous world. And because of that, it’s those moments when safety is shattered that haunt us the most.

Episode #57: Quarantine
Nearly four centuries ago, a wave of sickness spread through a community in the French countryside. It wasn’t a traditional disease they were fighting, though. This plague had a more sinister source.

Episode #11: Black Stockings
Humans have a history of making up stories to explain the unexplainable. Sometimes we use those stories to teach our children a moral lesson, or entertain our friends. Sometimes, though, those stories get taken seriously, and the results have been unspeakable.

Episode #22: Over the Top
History is full of examples of moments in time when hysteria and fear ruled common sense. While some of these examples were valid reasons to panic and worry, others were less logical. But that didn’t make them any less dangerous.

BONUS EPISODES: Lore has two episodes featuring places in Iowa. Listen if you have
time or interest!
Episode #16: Covered Mirrors (Villisca Axe Murder House)
Episode #69: Wide Open (Van Meter Visitor)

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