PodClub: Cole Library’s Podcast Club

Like a book group for your ears, PodClub connects people to and through podcasts.  Each month members will listen to a selection of episodes from a new podcast and then meet to share and discuss.  PodClub meets one Monday a month, from 7:00-8:00, in room 310.

Next meeting: Monday, September 16

This month, PodClub is listening to The Memory Palace.

The Memory Palace is a storytelling podcast about the past.  Hosted by Nate DiMeo, it was named the finalist for a Peabody Award in 2016.  DiMeo was also the Artist in Residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City for 2016/2017, during which time he produced eight stories inspired by the Met and its collection.

PodClub members should listen to all 8 episodes from DiMeo’s Metropolitan Museum of Art Residency + 2 episodes of your choosing:

  • Recent Acquisition
  • One Bottle, Any Bottle
  • Full Circle
  • A Portrait
  • Temple
  • If You Have to be a Floor
  • A Scavenger Hunt
  • Two Small Sculptures

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